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Anxiety is a medical disorder that affects millions of people all over the world. Under normal circumstances, it is nothing to be worried about, as it is a normal human emotion. However, increasing levels of anxiety very often can be a serious concern.

It is a mental illness that often goes undiagnosed, and those individuals suffer in silence. If you have anxiety, early treatment can be detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

What is anxiety?

It is an emotion that is often characterized by feelings of intense worry and mental tension. It is a form of mental disorder that can result in excessive worrying, nervousness and fear.

Usually, feeling anxious is normal and even considered healthy. However, increased levels of anxiety can be harmful to the concerned individual as it leads to a condition called anxiety disorder.

What are the symptoms of an anxiety disorder?

Understanding the difference between a ‘normal’ anxiety and anxiety disorder is very crucial. Typically, the latter form of anxiety requires medical treatment, while the former does not.

The symptoms of anxiety disorder, also known as a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) commonly include:

  • An intense feeling of worry
  • Feeling restless constantly
  • Difficulty to concentrate and focus on normal daily activities
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping or staying asleep


Types of anxiety disorders

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder – The most common form of anxiety disorder, diagnosis is often difficult. The chronic disorder revolves around unspecific events or situations.
  2. Social anxiety – It is an intense feeling of judgment from others. Individuals fear public events and have a fear of rejection, embarrassment and intimacy.
  3. Separation anxiety – There are intense feelings of anxiety when separated from a place or a person or pets. It can often lead to panic.
  4. Panic disorder – These are sudden attacks of fear and terror. It is often accompanied by nausea, confusion, dizziness and difficulty breathing.
  5. Phobias – An unexplained fear about places, situations or things. Unlike other forms of anxiety, phobias often revolve around a specific object or situations and even animals, but the anxiety can be just as intense.


What causes anxiety disorder?

Genetics often play a significant role in the cause of anxiety disorder. Family members who have a history of the disorder are often more vulnerable than others. Other causes of anxiety disorder can include:

  • Hormones and chemicals in the brain. A malfunctioning of electrical impulses in the brain is often associated with the disorder
  • Side-effects of medications and/or stress due to invasive surgery
  • Withdrawal from substance abuse
  • Environmental stress such as pressures in the workplace, relationships difficulties and personal issues

Anxiety Treatment Vaughan Services

Anxiety treatment is often a combination of cognitive-behavioural therapy or CBT, along with psychotherapy and/or a combination of both.

At Family Matters Counselling, we personalize the treatments based on the condition and requirement of our patients. We often include a combination of counselling as well as medications for the optimum results. Our psychotherapy sessions aim to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and reinforce positive thoughts and reactions to situations as well as people.

Our patients from Vaughan and surrounding areas have benefited immensely from our anxiety treatments, and we are confident you will reap the same results.