divorce counselling vaughan north york

Divorce continues to be a “popular trend” amongst married couples. In fact, statistics show that the rate of rising of divorce couples has increased from 12% in 1960 to 44% globally in 2017. The number of divorce in Canada has risen exponentially as well. However, the painful process of getting through a divorce can be eased with the help of a professional divorce counselling Vaughan in Ontario.

What is Divorce Counselling Vaughan service?

Divorce can be a complicated process, and it affects both the parties physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is primarily due to the demanding nature that a Divorce has both financially and legally as well.

Divorce Counselling Vaughan is a professional relationship therapy aimed at dealing with married couples who may be on the verge of getting a divorce or are dealing with post-divorce effects.

Who needs Divorce Counselling?

Divorce counselling North York and Vaughan Ontario services are best suited for those couples who may be going through a rough patch in their marriage. We focus primarily on some of the most common symptoms that contribute to the separation between couples and give them counselling accordingly. Some of the common symptoms/problems are –

Communication gap

Extramarital affairs

Physically and emotionally incompatible

Unachieved expectations

Different opinions and goals

Bad parenting

Dishonesty, suspicion, jealousy

Misunderstanding with extended families or in-laws

The way we approach couples depends primarily on their symptoms/problems. However, the most crucial part in a successful divorce counselling depends on the couples themselves. Their willingness to fix their marriage is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the counselling.

Who is affected the most in a Divorce?

Contrary to popular beliefs, the one who gets affected the most in a divorce isn't the couple themselves; it's the children. A bad divorce can have the most negative effect on your children, and this eventually reflects how they see relationships in their adult life.

Several studies have shown that children of divorced parents tend to develop a more aggressive nature towards their parents and other people in general as well.

The effect of divorce on children is also dependent on their age as well. For example, children below nine years of age tend to grow more dependent on their parents as they need constant attention. Children aged between 9-13 years react in the opposite way and blame their parents. This eventually leads to a loss of communication or mistrust between them and their parents.
Studies have also shown the effect of divorce in increasing the risk of a child’s mental health. Children of divorced parents show more symptoms of psychological problems irrespective of their age, gender or culture.

Divorce counselling can also help children to understand the practical scenario better so that they don't develop a bad relationship with their parents. A divorce counsellor can also help children cope with their Parents separation in a more positive way by helping them understand why the separation is better for their parents.

The Benefits of Divorce Counselling

Our quality counselling session aid couples in dealing with any divorce symptoms or the post-effect of a divorce. We help couples deal with the psychological, legal, and emotional stress related to divorce

Some of the benefits of our counselling session are –

Helps couple understand the root cause of their problems or divorce
Provides a neutral platform to both the parties to voice their opinions and resolve it productively
Allows couples to revive their intimacy
It allows couples to work productively towards fixing their marriage and divorce as well
We aid couples in dealing with legal procedures
What to expect from Divorce Counselling?

We at Family Matters Plus Counselling provide professional solutions and assistance to couples in dealing with their divorce. We provide both couples as well as individual counselling to help divorced couples (or couples with marriage problems) to rebuild their marriage by providing emotionally focused therapy. Our therapy sessions are entirely incognito, and we value our client's discretion the most. Hence our counselling sessions are completely productive result oriented.