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Family Counselling Vaughan Services

It is a known fact that members of the family often indulge in petty fights and arguments. To some extent, they are even considered healthy. However, having full-blown arguments and fights regularly and constant arguments can be a sign of a deeper problem than just familial friction.

Family Counselling Vaughan services can be a great reliever to this problem. It is a type of psychotherapy which involves the participation of all or some members of the family. The therapy sessions and the treatment are determined primarily by the situation of the family in question. Typically it is a short term therapy that can last anywhere between 6 sessions to 12.

What are the problems that can be addressed during Family Counselling Vaughan Services?


At some point in every family, there will be problems and discontentment. However, when there is constant friction between the members, there is a concern. Ultimately, it can result in a lot of emotional and mental stress. Consider if your family has been struggling with two or more of the following problems.


  • Poor and/or weak communication
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Constant disagreements
  • Lack of respect
  • Family roles issue
  • Stress
  • Financial problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Development and identity issues
  • Teenage rebellion
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Divorce and conflicts after the divorce
  • Co-parenting
  • Blended family problems


What benefits can my family expect from Family Counselling Vaughan Services?


Every family is different. We understand that all families go through demanding times once in a while. Therefore, we have structured our therapy sessions to strengthen family relationships through the therapy sessions. But most importantly, we equip our esteemed clients and their families with skills that can help understand each other and deepen the bond long after the therapy sessions with us are over.


Therefore, your family can expect to have holistic benefits. These benefits include:


  • Talk about and understand healthy relationships
  • Create and maintain boundaries for the members of the family
  • Improve effective communication and reframe interactions
  • Learn about the preferred individual preferences
  • Create personal space to process own feelings and learning how to honour other’s feelings
  • Encourage and foster self-responsibility
  • Understand that the family has a united goal


How we help families with Family Counselling Vaughan Services


We believe that families can co-exist peacefully and in harmony. At Family Matters Counselling, we combine our experience through the years of counselling and our educational qualifications. We tailor our treatments based on the different problems faced by a particular family. We have had the privilege to help and unify families, helped eased the transition through a divorce, all over Vaughan and beyond.


Whether you may be struggling with teenagers, lack of communication, or going through a divorce, we are here to help you improve the atmosphere at home. Every individual has a personality – complex, different, and unique. It is no easy feat living peacefully under one roof. But we firmly believe that it is always possible to put aside our difference and live together, respectfully and in love.


Book your appointment at Family Matters Counselling today and rest your worries with us.