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Marriage is a sacred transaction that involves a lot of love and sacrifice. It is not easy to blend two lives and two different personalities and build a home. Contrary to what people think, you don’t have to be in trouble to require counselling.

Pre-marriage counselling, in fact, can be an excellent experience to understand and know more about your future spouse. Whether you sign up with a certified therapist or a spiritual leader of a religious institution, pre-marriage counselling is worth considering for couples who are serious about their union.

Why pre-marriage counselling is required?

As briefly highlighted above, it is an excellent step towards building a new life together. At Family Matters counselling, we have helped numerous couples in Vaughan to build a solid foundation through the counselling sessions.

You can expect to talk openly about the following topics.

  • Showing affection – Learning to empathize with each other takes practice. When you show love, respect each other and admiration for your partner, your bond strengthens, and you understand each other better.
  • Learn how to express your needs – Whether it is your preference for food or clothing or sex, we encourage couples to express their wants and also learn how to respond to their partner.
  • Managing conflict – Marriage is not going to be roses all the time. Through our counselling session, we equip our clients with tools and techniques to manage conflicts and problems.
  • Trust and commitment – Loving and trusting are two different components in a relationship. We help our clients to foster trust in one another and think of the partner’s best interest. Having a respectful and positive attitude towards each other and being grateful are traits that can help during the lifelong journey.
  • Roles in the marriage – Traditional roles can sometimes affect a relationship. We assist our clients to understand and evaluate the expected roles in the marriage and have an open mind towards them.
  • Finances – Yes, this is often a touchy subject that has made and broken many a relationship. We encourage our clients to discuss their roles and the boundaries in financial matters openly.

What can you expect during the counselling?

During our private counselling sessions, you can expect to openly talk about the different topics that have been discussed above. Our approach to pre-marriage counselling combines our years of expertise and state of the art assessment tools.

Our initial assessment is done through a tool or a questionnaire that covers a whole lot of topics. The couples are each required to answer the questions objectively and honestly. It is then discussed with an expert therapist who helps the couple understand the different views and answers.

At Family Matters counselling, we encourage our clients to be open about all the topics, including sensitive matters such as sex and finances. We believe that each groom and bride is different and unique, but with love, effective communication and respect, a happy marriage is achievable. Through our pre-marriage counselling, you will understand each other better, enhance your compatibility and look forward to a beautiful life together.