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About Family Matters Plus Counselling

Counselling is an effective way to recapture connection in your relationship, finding again the friendship and intimacy you once shared.Everybody knows that “relationships require a lot of hard work”. Let’s be honest: that’s one of the most overused sayings in regards to relationship advice.


But in spite of that fact, many couples refuse to actually put in that hard work. They invest in their homes, their cars, their vacations and their children, but fail to invest significant time and resources into strengthening their relationship.


That’s where Family Matters Plus counselling can help: at Family Matters Plus Counselling, we use one of the top three most recognized forms of therapies to facilitate healing, create understanding and recapture deep friendship and intimacy once shared. While it can’t promise results, our therapists are dedicated to helping you discover what is left in your relationship and how to salvage and rebuild that, if you both choose to.


How To Choose The Right Family Counsellor?

Choosing the right family counsellor involves finding a therapist with who you and your family feel comfortable with as well as someone who offers a treatment program which you feel is appropriate to your needs.

Each family counselor offers different approaches and techniques to accommodate different families who each experience problems distinct from others. An initial consultation with a Vaughan & North York family counsellor will allow you to ask questions about the therapy and what is expected of you and those involved with the counseling. Additionally, the right family counsellor will also have had experience in treating problems similar to the ones from which you and your family are suffering.

Strengthen Your Family Unit - Through Family Counselling

Families often need help when dealing with divorce, eating disorders, anger management, abuse and other difficulties complicating family relationships. A family counsellor is a fully licensed therapist who adheres to confidentiality and ethical regulations which may be necessary in some cases involving legal issues. When choosing a therapist, ask him or her about these guidelines if this is pertinent to your problems.

A professional counsellor from Family Matters Plus will provide you with paperwork before counselling actually begins explaining rules regarding confidentiality measures. Finding the right family counsellor in Vaughan & North York also means meeting with one who is able to astutely tell you of the treatment plan he or she thinks may be right for you and your family.

Contact the team at Family Matters Plus for more information.

Family Mediation Services

If you want to control the dispute resolution process and agreements, rather than have a complete stranger (like a judge) make the decisions, you might prefer family mediation services from Family Matters Plus Counselling.

Family mediation services help families work through their issues while preserving their relationships. This is especially important when children are involved.

Typical steps in a family mediation service:

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At Family Matters Plus Counselling, we pride ourselves on high ethical standards, a great reputation and the value we provide to clients through our expertise. We will work with you to come up with the best course of action for your unique situation. Contact us today for help with your case.

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  • Jelyssa Aragon

    Olayinka has provided me with a safe place where I am able to express my thoughts. She has helped me through many of my issues and has been very supportive. I would recommend her services.

  • Amanda Astins

    I was very pleased with each session. She knew what to ask to get to the root of healing. If I need further support I would go back to her.

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